Air Condition

Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

We cannot overstate the necessity that air conditioning systems are regularly maintained. Our teams of dedicated air conditioning service technicians operate throughout Saudi Arabia and they purely focus on both servicing and maintenance of aircon units. Their vast experience can determine whether a particular part is near the end of its serviceability and advise that it be replaced to avoid the unit breaking down when you most need it. There’s no ‘ifs and buts’ that the lifespan of regularly serviced air conditioning units will outlast units that have been neglected. We are still servicing units that we installed over ten years ago which run as well as they did the day they were installed. Conversely, we’ve seen the same branded units that have needed replacing after only three years due to the lack of regular servicing. Well-maintained air conditioning equipment keeps running at peak performance and keeps energy bills down.

AC Installation

Our high quality installation service begins when we visit the building in which you want the air conditioning installation carried out. We will walk around the site with you discussing your expectations and needs, as well as pointing out all the relevant information you’ll need to know. Gaining a greater understanding of what your needs are means that we will be able to put together a proposal that meets (and hopefully exceeds) your requirements.

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Annual Air Conditioning & Heating System Inspections

A leading cause of AC failure in the home is lack of system maintenance and annual inspections. Art of Happiness can schedule annual inspections and annual air conditioner service for your unit.

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Corporate & HVAC

Art of Happiness commercial HVAC repair service field technicians have the skills and support to give you fast, worry-free resolutions to any commercial HVAC problem.

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Maintenance & Repair

Art of Happiness maintenance division services are available for emergency call outs for the food cold storage industry. We are the preferred repairer for many commercial site management companies and we engage qualified trades persons to carry out repairs and routine maintenance.

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Pre-Season Preparation


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Window Type Units

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